Monday, June 30, 2008

i'm still alive!

Wow...I've been completely out of the blogging world for quite a while. I figured I had better post today so I can atleast get one post in for June! I wish I could tell you that I haven't been blogging because I've been working out every day, but...that could not be farther from the truth! I haven't stepped foot in the gym since May...unbelievable. And my stomach and thighs definitely know it. (ok...and the rest of my body!) I was on a roll at the gym and then comes the beach, VBS, and all crept right up on me. There. I have confessed. Tomorrow is July 1st and I'm going back in. Good thing I paid for a whole year so I HAVE to go back!

To catch you up, in the month of June we did go to the beach and had a wonderfully relaxing couple of days with Justin's parents. Jazz turned 1 and we celebrated with cake and dog treats! We ate our first cucumber from the garden...yum. Justin is so proud of his "crop." It's amazing and I hope to share some pictures soon!

Also...I had LASIK eye surgery!! I've wanted it for YEARS and thanks to my wonderful's reality. The surgery was completely amazing. Each eye took 5 minutes and by the next morning my vision was 20/25. It hasn't been that good since 1st grade. Unbelievable. Justin watched the whole surgery and it was amazing. I can see the clock when I wake up! (At least if I squint through the clear eye patches I have to wear when I sleep for the next few days). I'm so thankful and hope that when I go back to the eye doctor in 2 weeks my vision will be 20/20. What a blessing!

Well...welcome back to our lives. Hopefully the month of July holds a few more blogs and a few more workouts!