Thursday, January 24, 2008

e is for elkin

We have almost lived in Elkin for a month now, which is so hard to believe. Today, Justin and I finally went looking for the DMV, the license plate place, the library, and the post office...those places we really haven't wanted to find yet. This really is a cute town. I'm enjoying living here so far.

I started my job this week, which has mostly been training so far, but I really like the ladies I am working with. I am already learning a lot from them and I am excited about getting started with clients here. (For those of you who may not know, I got a job at Lifeline Pregnancy Help Center). I commute to Mt. Airy 3 days a week and stay in Elkin 1 day. (There are two Centers that work together). I'm enjoying the commute so far. I have the New Testament on CD, so I'm hoping to listen to that lots of times and talk on the phone(!), since I haven't really ever had constant commutes alone in the car like this.

Anyway, come visit us in Elkin anytime! I hope our furniture will be here soon so you'll have somewhere to sit! (I'd hoped the letter F could be for pictures of our furniture, but I'm not holding my breath!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

d is for drycleaning

I just love it! If we were rich, I would probably be at the dry cleaners weekly. Justin is dressing up more for work now and it is all I can do to keep up with ironing his shirts! We have a dry cleaners right across the street, which is very convenient, but I'll drive by it more than I'll ever go in it. What a shame!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

c is for carolina loses!

I have to do this because I'm in a divided family...sorry Justin!

Haha! Final scores today...
Carolina 80 - Maryland 82
Duke 93 - Clemson 80

Erin Vs. Justin
It's been a fun day filled with basketball since we've been helping with our church's Upward basketball program on Saturdays! I realize this may not be my most popular blog...but I can't help being a Duke fan.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

b is for a beautiful day for a snowball fight!

We woke up this morning to the sound of snowballs hitting our house....we had no idea it had actually snowed! Our closest neighbors are our pastor and his family and they decided they wanted to start a snowball fight this morning. Here's the picture of them from our upstairs window!
The evidence of the snowballs hitting our house - if you look closely you can see the snowball marks on the side of the house!
The whole family against us!Josiah is trying to get me with a snowball!
Last efforts of the battle!We finally let Jazz out and she went crazy in her first snow!

Walking away in defeat! :)Justin & Jazz are proud of their snowball defense! It was indeed a beautiful, snow-filled day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a is for american idol

I can't believe American Idol is on again. I watched a few minutes last night and was amazed (again) at how many people focus their lives on this one show and truly becoming an American Idol. I'm watching The View right now and they're talking about it, too. I'm sure some of the footage from last night's show will be on a lot of other shows today as well. It's almost set up so that you are a "bad American" if you don't actually watch this show. I don't know.

I did kind of boycott American Idol for a few years after a friend of mine in college with amazing talent did not make the show. I've started watching it again in the past year and, I admit, it can get addictive. When I watch any of the audition weeks, however, it just breaks my heart to see how contestants' lives are wrapped around the possibility of becoming an American Idol, which is evidenced in their reactions when things don't go their way. I'm amazed at what lengths people will take to "make their dreams come true."

I do agree with the show's name - "American Idol" - because that is exactly what it is. How sad that we can honestly label things our "idols" and not think anything about it. Even when we don't physically label things an idol, so many things do take that place in our lives. We often think that we don't have idols because we aren't bowing down to a cow in India or on the front row screaming at Kenny Chesney, but I know there are so many things that take the place of God in a more subtle way in my life.

I often ask God to reveal these things in my life that I put before Him. I hope that I will be as disgusted at the "easily hidden" idols in my life as I am at those that idolize singers in an open way. I pray that God will continue to tug at the hearts of those who have yet to put Him first in their life, knowing that nothing else will ultimately save them.

it's alphabet time

If you haven't noticed, I need a little bit of help to come up with my blogs (ie, the alliterated titles) so I've decided its time to take you through the alphabet with my thoughts. Here goes! This should be interesting!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

you're it!

I've been goes!

My Materialistic Gift/Wish List:

1. Our new furniture we should be here soon and I can't wait!

2. I invented this for myself the other day (in my mind!)...I need something that flashes the nutritional value of foods on the wall in front of me as I'm putting the food to my mouth. For instance, if I'm eating a cookie, which I can rarely just eat one, some "thing" could flash the calorie count right up in front of me so there might actually be a chance I'll eat just one. Or even none! There's something about looking at food labels that just doesn't work for me and I hate counting calories. I just need a those alarm clocks that project the time on the wall. Makes sense to me :)

3. An ipod stand or speakers or whatever they are called. My sister got us an ipod for Christmas, which I love, but as of now I only have headphones for it, so I've got to get a docking system (that's the name!) so I can listen to it anywhere in the house....I really want an under-the-counter thing for our kitchen.

4. All seasons of Frasier on DVD. Justin and I have really started to love this show, but it keeps us up late on way too many nights. If we had them all on DVD, we could watch them earlier and actually get to bed at a decent time.

5. A GPS system - I accidentally went way out of my way to get to the Hanes Mall the other day (I won't tell you how far!) When I go's usually my time to it would be nice to have someone tell me exactly how to get to the stores that I want to go to without me having to even think about it. And it would be nice on trips...apparently Justin and I don't have the best sense of direction!

My Spiritual Gift/Wish List:

1. That I would carry through on everything the Lord brings to my mind to do, especially things for other people. I want to be used to bring His love to others as He leads me to do so. I don't want my forgetful nature to be a part of my spiritual life!

2. Discipline in every aspect of my life...a "little" something I struggle with often.

3. That I would take what I learn (at church, from others, in sermons) and put it to work in my life to best glorify God.

4. I want to be a great helper for my husband. I want to be a wife who continually uplifts him, makes our house a peaceful place for him, and love him the way he needs to be loved.

5. As I soon begin a new job, I want God's guidance and wisdom on how to best lead and follow in the area I will be serving.

I'm tagging....
1. Terra
2. Rebecca
3. Michelle

Thursday, January 10, 2008

feedback friday

So...I want to hear from you...whoever is out there reading this...

Please let me know how you handle those ever-popular telemarketers! It's been weighing on my mind because (and I'm not exaggerating) we have averaged 7 calls a day from telemarketers since we have moved. I get so upset because I will run around the house to try and find the phone when it rings just to see "unknown number" or an 800 number or something that makes it clear it is not anyone who I want to hear from. I definitely should have listed caller id as my #1 "household item" because i hope to never live without it!

So...tell me what you you ignore the calls (as I do most of the time) you try to be polite (I'm not good at that)...are you rude (that's what I want to be everytime I talk to a telemarketer) you try and witness to them (easier said than done) do you handle those unwanted calls??

We may just be losing the house phone soon. I can't take much more. Maybe it's just really bad because I've basically been in the house 24/7 lately, who knows! Maybe I should keep the phone so I atleast get some exercise running around to find it! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

spelling it out for God

This morning I was reading in Genesis 15 and was struck by the words of Abram as He was speaking with the Lord:

"But Abram said, 'O Lord God, what will you give me, for I continue childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?' And Abram said, 'Behold, you have given me no offspring, and a member of my household will be my heir.'" Genesis 15:2-3

I had to read these verses twice because I realized that Abram was just repeating himself. My translation:

Abram said, "God, why have you not provided children when Eliezer will be my heir? Hello, God! Did you hear me? This means if I were to die today, just this member of my household will be my heir!"

As if God didn't know that! We can be so good at spelling things out for Him. I have done a lot of that in the past months. My prayers have gone something like this. "God, I know you are calling Justin and I to another town, another church, but do you realize you're also calling me away from the Pregnancy Support Center? Hello, God! Do you know that this means you are taking away the only staff member?? How are things going to keep going?"

Oh, the prayers disguised in genuine concern that just ooze with pride! God really had to work on my heart (mostly through wise words about humility and God's provision from my husband) and show me (again) how He has everything in control. And oh, how I am so thankful. God has already shown Himself in Elkin, as I believe there is a position that I may be able to fill at the Crisis Pregnany Center here. And how He has shown Himself in the great job applications and resumes we received for the Pregnany Support Center in Roxboro.

Just like Abram, I'm good at spelling things out for God, even when I know He has the best for us in mind. Just a few short chapters later, God calls Abram to offer his son as a sacrifice, and he does so with hardly any questioning. Such a difference from chapters before. As God continues to display His best plans for myself, and for you, I pray that we will be able to follow Him with greater faith in the next chapters of our lives. Allowing God to slowly spell things out for His timing!

Monday, January 7, 2008

top ten tuesday

top 10 household items I love right now!

maybe a boring blog...but these are things that i am so glad have been invented

....major product plugs....worldly blog of the week...for the opposite, see my friend Sheila's Thought's on TV
10. The new windows in our house that open up for easy cleaning...I know they've been there a while, but they're new to me!

9. the colorful (ok, brown!) placemats on my "new" dining room table...I just like them

8. Dish sponge & soap dispenser...making dishwashing easier (step below a dishwasher)

7. Febreze Air Effects in Summer Splash ...smells good...even to me

6. Coat rack...we've never had one before and it's great to hang your coat up by the door!

5. Not really an item, but the wonderful closets in our house...we've got two walk-ins in our bedroom...not hard to get used to!

4. Our ice maker in our brand new fridge!

3. Mr. Clean shower cleaner....awesome!

2. Maybe not "household," but I'm counting new razor phone...lovin' it - my 5 year old phone has seen its last days
1. Dirt Devil Broom convenient!

musical monday

We sang this song at church yesterday and it is one of my favorites! How amazing God's grace truly is scandalous. As humans, I know we can't fully comprehend what Christ has done for us...leaving the glory of heaven to be scorned on earth. How amazing to fully follow and submit to the perfect will of His Father. Praise the Lord that He took on our cross so that He could overcome all death for us, sacrificially making a way between us and God.

This is Our God

Who is this Light invading our darkness
Glorious might, the Sun rising for us
Conquering night
He captures the hardest of hearts
Who is this Hope that Heaven has given
Coming for souls, our rescue His Mission
Tenderness flows
And without condition He loves
This is our God, living and breathing
Call Him courageous, relentless, and brave
This is our God, loving and reaching
Scandalous mercy and mighty to save
Hallelujah, this is our God
Sing praise

Who is the One Who will not condemn us
Why would He come to shoulder our sentence
Nothing we've done
Will keep Him from giving us grace
Who is this One, we watch and we're speechless
God's only Son embracing our weakness
He overcomes all death
And frees us to live

This is our God suffering and dying
Call Him the Hero redeeming the lost
This is our God, Love sacrificing
All that is Holy, accepting our cross
Hallelujah this is our God
Sing praise

Thursday, January 3, 2008

i must seriously have a twin...

Everywhere I go, it seems that people are coming up and telling me that I look exactly like someone they know or something like that. It's kind of interesting to think about how everyone really does say you have a twin somewhere. I almost feel like I must have septuplets (?) or something.

The other night, we were at Chili's ( favorite) and this family kept staring at me. (I noticed because I kept looking at them to try and figure out exactly how they were related - I've become quite a people watcher lately). So...the teenage boy was the first one who kept looking at me - so I did the 'ol "look behind me to make sure there wasn't someone else he was staring at," but we were right by the window and all you could see were car lights outside. Then the two college-age girls started looking at me and one of them had to turn her head to actually see me. At that point, it was getting really obvious, so I mentioned it to Justin. It was really creeping me out/making me laugh at this point. Then I remembered my usual "you look just like someone I know" problem and started to understand.

Next, the mother (?) turned around (for quite a while) and just looked at me as I acted oblivious. She did a double take and then I heard her say, "well, they say that everyone has a twin," so my theory was confirmed. After this had gone on over about 10 minutes, I about lost it when one of the girls pulled out a camera! I continued to look in their direction just so they couldn't "sneak" a picture of me! I really don't know why they pulled out the camera, but it was very weird. They seemed very determined to figure out if I was indeed the person they knew, so I didn't know what lengths they would go to!! Justin dared and dared me to go up to them and say, "Here I am. Would you like to take a picture for proof?" but you all know I didn't do that - as much as I actually wanted to. Anyway...that was a fun Chili's experience I wanted to share.

Side note - I'm tired of this stupid writer's strike or whatever...we are having serious Office withdrawals!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy 2008!

What a day! It's 2 in the morning and I need to go to bed, but I thought I would wish everyone a happy new year! I had a wonderful day hanging out with college friends - catching up and enjoying time together. Then, since we live right by the church, we just had to stop by the youth lock-in, which thankfully we were not chaperoning, so we could leave before too late (after Justin showed off some basketball skills for the guys).

I'm excited about a new year and new opportunities and hope that this time next year I can look back and see how God has continued to mold and shape me to be more like Him. I pray that I will be clay in the Potter's hands this year, as much as that can hurt at times, I know that I do not want to be the same person a year from now that I am right now. I'm so thankful for a God who does not leave us where we are, but continues to change us and challenge us with His incredible love and guidance.