Monday, January 7, 2008

top ten tuesday

top 10 household items I love right now!

maybe a boring blog...but these are things that i am so glad have been invented

....major product plugs....worldly blog of the week...for the opposite, see my friend Sheila's Thought's on TV
10. The new windows in our house that open up for easy cleaning...I know they've been there a while, but they're new to me!

9. the colorful (ok, brown!) placemats on my "new" dining room table...I just like them

8. Dish sponge & soap dispenser...making dishwashing easier (step below a dishwasher)

7. Febreze Air Effects in Summer Splash ...smells good...even to me

6. Coat rack...we've never had one before and it's great to hang your coat up by the door!

5. Not really an item, but the wonderful closets in our house...we've got two walk-ins in our bedroom...not hard to get used to!

4. Our ice maker in our brand new fridge!

3. Mr. Clean shower cleaner....awesome!

2. Maybe not "household," but I'm counting new razor phone...lovin' it - my 5 year old phone has seen its last days
1. Dirt Devil Broom convenient!

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