Monday, September 7, 2009

a day at the lake!

We got to spend some time at the lake with Justin's parents this weekend and it was so great to get away. Elijah did wonderful, but it really wore him out. After a growth spurt week, 2 days at the lake, then church, he slept and slept today. (Which was nice for us on Labor Day!) I took some sweet pictures of Elijah at the lake and I would have taken SO many more if my camera battery wouldn't have been dying. It always seems to be dying when there are prime picture taking moments - and I had to save some battery for Justin's (floundering) attempts at a back flip off of the rope swing. (See below). Anyway...enjoy these pictures of Elijah...he's growing so much!
watching daddy attempt a flip!
hanging out with Nana
smiling at Grandaddy
so sweet!
Elijah was really interesting in driving the boat!
checking out the water

happy to be standing (as always!)

wonder what secret Jazz is telling Elijah!?

gotta love the rope swing! Justin's been talking about flipping for months, but apparently it is not as easy as some guys make it look. I'm just glad there were no broken bones! (just egos) :)