Saturday, August 18, 2007

My sister sent Justin a gift in the mail - actually it was more for our dog and the entertainment of others! I laughed so hard when I saw it. I keep telling Justin that I have done a good job so far walking out of the stores without purchasing any *cute* clothes for little Jazz, so it was great that Jeni sent us a cute shirt for her. Unfortunately, Jeni keeps forgetting our dog is actually a girl, so the shirt is not very girlie! I love it, though! Jazz had a different opinion about the shirt as you will see!

Justin is trying so hard to get this shirt on her!

We've been getting Jazz acquainted with Dwight since Justin's brother got us The Office for graduation!!
This is JAzz rolling all around in her shirt...trying to get it off!

So cute!! Yet we're torturing her!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

more pictures of our baby!

Playing with her toys!


In her bed!

Always getting our shoes :)

This song has been in my head all day so I thought I would share doubt a reminder from God that I need to replay over and over again in my forgetful brain...
My love is not my own.
It all belongs to You;
And after all Youve done,
the least that I can do
Is live my life in every part
Only to please my Fathers heart.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Justin just got deleted from "blogs i read" because I felt like I was living a lie the whole time he was on there. It just felt necessary that my husband be at the top of my he's my husband. But I can't justify it anymore. You just can't start a blog and never blog...unacceptable. Oh, shoot! I just realized...I probably should have waited to do that tomorrow since today's his birthday! Happy Birthday, Honey! :) I live your (fictitious) blog in real life!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

a day in the life of jazz

It turns out that the puppy we named Jazz (I guess having a lot to do with our love of music) actually does not seem to like music. It will be our mission to change that, that's for sure. Justin has been playing guitar a lot lately and getting really good, but everytime he has played in the house since we got Jazz last Friday she all of the sudden starts having accidents all over the house. So...Justin has put down the guitar more than he has wanted so that we don't go crazy cleaning up more messes than we already are! Today...we decided that has to stop. But, just to start out slowly, Justin took her outside while he played guitar so she could have an endless bathroom! Of course we sing around the house and someday I hope to have a piano, so we definitely cannot have a dog that poops at the sound of music.

If Jazz is any indication of children to come...we will simply be letting our children play with cardboard boxes. Jazz plays with every cord, every remote, our feet and every basket rather than playing with the cute toys we got her! It's hilarious.

My other mission is to train a dog who actually likes to curl up in my lap. So far, Justin has gotten the playful puppy, but I want the cuddly puppy. Hopefully this will be something that comes with age. Right now, she will actually get off of my lap to go purposefully sleep on the base of a floor lamp we have in our living room. Go figure!

I believe I may have been mistaken...other than the labor, a human life, and the crying...I believe a child may be easier! Our puppy sure is fun, though!

Friday, August 10, 2007

trip to the lake!

Today was a big day for little Jazz (who by the way weights 2.1 lbs!!). We decided to try taking her to the lake for the first time. Justin's main wish for our dog was that it would be playful and I'm telling you - we couldn't have gotten a more playful puppy! First thing...Justin gets in the shallow part and our fearless girl is right in after him. Justin was loving it! I'll get the pictures up as soon as we can figure out how to actually use a camera phone. (I forgot the camera, so that's what we had to resort to.) She's a cutie!

And...I have a confession. I definitely dropped Jazz today and it was all I could do not to cry. We were standing out on our front (concrete) porch today and I was holding her while Justin was leaving. She freaked out (because Justin is definitely her favorite!) and wriggled out of my arms before I knew what was happening. She fell flat on her back with several accompanying wails. I have never felt more terrible. She seems to be doing ok, so I'm thankful for that. I hope she doesn't have a concussion or anything. She's so tiny! I know I'm going to end up spoiling her now.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Yes! It has finally happened! We have a new addition to our family! Friday we went and picked out our "first major purchase" as a couple that will be with us for many years to come! Jazz is a female Cockapoo who is about 7 weeks old now. Justin has been wanting a playful puppy and he sure got his wish! We have loved having her around so far. She really is precious...and tiny! She can barely get down our front steps and its great entertainment to watch her try. I have had fun buying her some cute toys (no hairbows or clothes yet!), but she would prefer to just play with our toes. Yesterday, we thought we had a perfect pet....I don't think we had any "accidents," but today, that has not been the case. Justin has already been heard saying, "this is going to hurt you more than its going to hurt me," followed by a quick reprimand and spanking. Jazzy's learning quick, I think we're ok parents! I'm sure there will be some stories to come...