Saturday, August 11, 2007

a day in the life of jazz

It turns out that the puppy we named Jazz (I guess having a lot to do with our love of music) actually does not seem to like music. It will be our mission to change that, that's for sure. Justin has been playing guitar a lot lately and getting really good, but everytime he has played in the house since we got Jazz last Friday she all of the sudden starts having accidents all over the house. So...Justin has put down the guitar more than he has wanted so that we don't go crazy cleaning up more messes than we already are! Today...we decided that has to stop. But, just to start out slowly, Justin took her outside while he played guitar so she could have an endless bathroom! Of course we sing around the house and someday I hope to have a piano, so we definitely cannot have a dog that poops at the sound of music.

If Jazz is any indication of children to come...we will simply be letting our children play with cardboard boxes. Jazz plays with every cord, every remote, our feet and every basket rather than playing with the cute toys we got her! It's hilarious.

My other mission is to train a dog who actually likes to curl up in my lap. So far, Justin has gotten the playful puppy, but I want the cuddly puppy. Hopefully this will be something that comes with age. Right now, she will actually get off of my lap to go purposefully sleep on the base of a floor lamp we have in our living room. Go figure!

I believe I may have been mistaken...other than the labor, a human life, and the crying...I believe a child may be easier! Our puppy sure is fun, though!


Rebecca said...

i agree that dogs are WORK! just think of how much we will be prepared for havin a kid :-)

erin blakley said...

true, true :)