Thursday, May 24, 2007

loving life was a great day...starting out with graduation rehearsal...then ending up hanging out with two great friends over dinner. I just love to have people over. Today was mostly so good because I had time to get things done without having things that had to be done. I think for a while I am going to really enjoy simple things that I get to do cooking a great dinner for friends and watching a complete movie with my husband. Whew....what a relief to be done with school. But at the same time...I know my life will never be the same. I have loved school, especially Southeastern. Some of the greatest people I have ever met are there. I know I will really miss it. But for now...graduation and the beach are calling my name!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We are finally done with school....unbelievable....7 long years! Graduation is Friday, but I'm not even sure it will sink in that we are actually done with school. This is all Justin and I have known so I'm sure our lives will be very different. So far it's meant time for video games and cleaning house :) That's good enough for me right now! I praise God for bringing us through this time in our lives and blessing us so much. If it weren't for Southeastern I wouldn't even know Justin! God is so good. Bring on pomp and cirmumstance....

Monday, May 21, 2007

changing things thing that I have noticed since I have been married to Justin is that I have actually grown to like change. He is definitely the king of change, but somehow that has transferred to me as well. He likes to change things up at the church a lot, but I really view that as challenging those of us who have gotten in a rut in our worship. Also, we have changed our house around a lot since we've been married. For those of you who have seen our house, you can tell how this could be a big deal. Honestly, there's not much room for change here, but at the same time, it's kind of the only thing that keeps me sane in such a small space.

Since being with Justin I have thought a lot about change. I think that change is so important for a Christian, especially. God calls us to change - we are not to be the same today as the day He first saved us. I pray that for my life. I really do want to be an ever-changing, ever-progressing Christian. We believe fully in the phrase "People don't know what they like, they like what they know." I have found this to be so true. Not only in others' lives, but in my life as well. Even though I like changing certain things around me, I really don't like the uncomfortableness that comes from changing my way of doing things. I could just as easily be lazy and let things be. So often I have let this be characteristic of my life. I know God calls us to so much more, though, and I get excited about the changes He wants to make in me. Just as I get uncomfortable now with the way my house is arranged, I pray that I will allow God to make the changes necessary in my life so that He can arrange me to best serve and glorify Him.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New to this

So... I really have no clue about blogging, but I really enjoy reading others' blogs and I think it's a neat way to see what everyone is up to. I'm actually starting this because I have recently run across some major free time. Justin and I are completely amazed at how much our lives have changed in even the last week. We are done with exams in two days - I can hardly believe it. We joke that this is our third time having senioritis, and I really do think it is worse this time. God has blessed us so much since we have known one another, but it is obvious that the school season of our life is ready to end. I really believe our second year of marriage is going to be even better for us because I think we may get to actually enjoy the time we're spending together now, instead of sitting beside each other writing papers or studying for tests (not my idea of a romantic evening). And...can you all just pray that this second year of marriage works out better for me in terms of taking care of our house and keeping things clean?? That has reached an all-time ridiculous low in these last few weeks. I am praying for some discipline and renewal in that department for sure. That's another thing, I hope that this blog will be an example of how Justin and I are continuing to grow in our relationship and in our relationships to God. Our newly-found free time definitely needs to go towards some positive improvements in our lives. I certainly don't promise this blog to be at all exciting...but we'll see what the next months have in store!