Monday, October 20, 2008

night owl

I can tell our baby boy is going to be a night owl just like his parents. Should I just change to a 3rd shift job and get ready for it now? He definitely moves more late at night and throughout the night than he does during the day. I ate some ice cream tonight and Baby Blakley started kicking like crazy. So much that Justin finally got to feel him moving! So exciting!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

our best (most interesting) new york pictures! #4

So...this endless escalator of stairs was broken on our first day, and a couple more times on our trip. Not what a pregnant woman wants to see on her commute to the Subway! I think I walked more this week than I've walked all year...sad, I know! The huge Brooklyn Tabernacle...used to be a's beautiful! The Brooklyn Tabernacle choir...we joined them in the congregation for their choir rehearsal! Paul Baloche - one of Justin's favorite worship songwriters...we really enjoyed him this weekend. ...and Justin ran into him in a hotel, so we got a picture!

Monday, October 6, 2008

our best (most interesting) new york pictures! #3

Amazing hair...found in one of the cathedrals in ny...just had to have this picture to share with you all! Amazing Lego work! Legos again at FAO Shwartz! We got to see Phantom! ...and eat some NY cheesecake!

our best (most interesting) new york pictures! #2

This was such a neat place...just tons of tables and chairs for people to come relax and eat lunch or whatever. Refreshing to see in the city!Picture inside the NY Public Library! It was huge! and also a refreshing place because it was so quiet inside, in contrast to the streets. We hung out in the NBC Studios store for a while to check out all The Office stuff - our favorite!
Picture with lifesize Bobblehead Dwight...priceless! Justin let me take this one!...but later in the trip he was hoping to see a prostitute on the streets of, we'll just call it even!

our best (most interesting) new york pictures!

Our view from our hotel room...fabulous! Funny thing is...we live beside a cemetary in Elkin! The massive amount of graves in this cemetary was quite unbelievable, though.

Hmm...random...outside our hotel again. Don't get me wrong, though, we were actually in a great hotel...outside the city, easy commute to the subway, and very safe!

Statue of Liberty!

Our big heads blocking the Statue of Liberty!

Wanna-be Statues of Libery!