Monday, October 20, 2008

night owl

I can tell our baby boy is going to be a night owl just like his parents. Should I just change to a 3rd shift job and get ready for it now? He definitely moves more late at night and throughout the night than he does during the day. I ate some ice cream tonight and Baby Blakley started kicking like crazy. So much that Justin finally got to feel him moving! So exciting!


Rebecca said...

how exciting!!! is his movement amazing to feel?!? you need to update you pictures so we *me* can see your growing baby belly!

i just love baby bellies.... maybe if i ever have my own i wont be quite excited over them :-)

Terra Jones said...

I agree with Rebecca - we want to see that baby growing!! :)

And it's totally normal for the baby to be more active at night ;-) you move all day, keeping him comfy & asleep...then you stop and he wakes up ...crazy ...Not much longer!! :)