Thursday, November 6, 2008

photo catch up

So...sorry if you've been staring at pictures of New York for the last few weeks. I haven't had much to say, other than showing pictures of our life for the last couple of weeks and I finally found our camera cord today! (Amazing what you can find when you actually clean up around the house!) Since I've had a lot of requests for "belly pictures"...that's just what you're going to get first!

A few weeks ago I got to see my friend Lindsay (who gave me a great haircut) while I got to hold her precious daughter, Alayna!...I was already getting pretty big.

Jazz loves to perch up on the belly...I think our son will be most interested to finally meet her!

My only shirt that I owned pre-pregnancy that I can actually still wear!


Terra Jones said...

you look great!!!!!!!! :)

Rebecca said...


Linda said...

Just love the great pictures of our
mommy-to-be. Glad you're finding some time to work out with your busy work schedule. Proud of you!