Saturday, November 22, 2008

productive week! ...with correction! week in review...
  • I turned 27! Monday (can't believe it) and got some great scrapbooking stuff from Justin that I can't wait to check out and these beautiful flowers!
  • We had a great Ladies Fellowship meeting on Tuesday night at on to planning for December
  • We went with our parents on Monday to look at a house Justin found last week. They love it and we love it!...plans are in the works!
  • Two of my closest clients at work had their babies! Praise the Lord!
  • I had a great OB's hard to believe I only have three weeks left! (Um...hello I must have had a "pregnancy moment!"...I have three MONTHS left! Glad you girls read and three weeks left I doubt I'll even have the patience to bullet everything!) I was told I was measuring "perfectly," so I liked hearing that :) ...It would've really been a productive week if we had decided on a name... but Baby Blakley is still doing great!
  • I baked a pumpkin pie...from real pumpkins...tastes pretty good, too!

From dessert!!

  • Justin has been back and forth on the phone with banks and mortgage companies and the owner of the house we're looking at...things are looking good...I'm so glad he's doing the dirty work, though!

  • I decorated for Christmas!! And I'm so's minimal, because we're hoping to move very soon, but I'm just glad to have my manger scene up and all the beautiful Christmas things. I can't believe we might be moving around Christmas again! Oh well!
  • We saw Fireproof today - finally! And I cried almost the ENTIRE time ...I should have been warned as the pregnant, already emotional woman that I needed to take plenty of tissues. But, I loved it!


Talia said...

First of all, you only have 3 weeks left? That is crazy! Time flies!

Second, you only have 3 weeks left and you are baking pies and decorating? Impressive!

We saw Fireproof as well. It was good! Chris and I are doing the Love Dare book. I think a lot of people think it is only for marriages that are about to end. I think it is great for ANY marriage!

I pray everything goes through for the house. How exciting!

Terra Jones said...

...what 3 weeks!??! Did I miss something!? lol, I feel you you JUST told "us"!!! :) I'm SOOOO EXCITED for you!!!!