Wednesday, April 29, 2009

elijah singing with daddy

Elijah knows what music he likes...

...and what music he doesn't!

I know I shouldn't love this face, but I can't help's too cute!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

lake day!

We took Elijah on his first trip to the lake this weekend! Apparently, children have to wear a life jacket while on a boat until they are 13 years old, so Elijah got to sport his this weekend. And...he is adorable. The life jacket is for infants up to 30 pounds, so it's huge on him, but apparently it kept him cozy, along with the rocking of the boat, because he just slept away! He is such a good baby, so I had to show you some pictures from his first lake trip!

yes, Jazz has a life vest, too!


Elijah slept 8 hours last night!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our first baby you think Jazz is feeling neglected these days? Poor thing took her ball to the window and just stared outside. She needs some serious play time outdoors. Maybe I'll take her on a walk later.

church nursery

We've had revival this week with our church and two other area churches, so last night I had to prepare to leave Elijah with nursery workers I didn't know. I had a great test/lesson of my faith when this 80-looking year old woman walks in the nursery, takes a look at Elijah and says..."Well, I've never taken care of one that small before."

Hello?? First rule of nursery care should be...never reveal to the mom how much you don't know about babies...(or, even better, don't sign up for nursery if you don't know anything about babies!)

Really, I didn't have to worry too much because another mom of two boys walked in and she was gonna be in the room to help. Of course, last night was the LONGEST revival night yet, so it was a good thing I didn't wear my watch. Elijah survived and all is well!..although I'm pretty sure the (80-looking year old) woman called him a "she" when she gave Elijah back to me. Oh, well...gotta love the church nursery.

Another note about church nursery...last Sunday Elijah came home wearing makeup on his sleeper and smelling like a perfume counter...yuck!! ...But he was in one piece!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 months checkup

I can't believe Elijah is 2 months old already, but here's what my little man is looking like these days:

11 lbs 3 oz
22 1/2 inches long

Poor thing had his 2 months shots today, but he did great. Just a quick blood-red face and a scream when he got each of his 3 shots, but then all was well. We're so blessed by our precious son.

The other night, I burping him during a feeding, which I usually do on my shoulder. As he tends to do, he was flailing his head around and bumped right into my mouth. He's done this before, but usually my mouth is closed. This time it was open and he ran right into my tooth! He's got the little bruise on the top of his nose to prove it. Poor thing! He scratched himself that night and so he looks all beat up in this picture. I freaked out when he hit my I'm in trouble when he has his first "real" injury!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy 8 weeks Elijah!

As promised, here are some sweet pictures of my baby boy over the first 8 weeks of his life. So far, he's smiling at Mommy and Daddy like crazy, cooing, squealing every now and then, holding his head up, and sleeping up to 6 hours at night. He's our bundle of joy!

Week 1 - In the billiblanket

Week 2 - In Daddy's arms

Week 3 - With his babysitter (just kidding, Mom!)

Week 4 - On his tummy

Week 5 - In a photo shoot!

Week 6 - During bathtime

Week 7 - Easter Sunday!

Week 7 again - Too cute!

Week 8! - So precious!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

reflecting over 8 weeks

Tomorrow Elijah will be 8 weeks old. I can't believe it. I have watched my "Sweet Pea" just grow and grow and my love for him just keeps growing, too. It's true what "they"'s hard to imagine life before he was a part of our little family. Elijah has been a true joy. My first few weeks as a mother were quite a roller coaster ride of emotions. I would go from thinking "this is the greatest thing in the world" to thinking "what in the world have I gotten myself into." I've had moments of true clarity while being a mom as well as moments of great doubt. I never knew that I would begin to worry so much when we had our son, but God has been good to help me (mostly) keep my head on straight and gain control of my thoughts. (Reminding me that Elijah is His).

My days seem so strange to me lately...a never ending cycle of baby events. I feel so crazy on the days when our routine seems to go haywire, but days like today when Elijah is a "dream baby" I just feel so complete in what I am doing right now. I desperately need to put some more "me time" in to my routine...(aka: I've gotta make some friends and get out of this house!) ...but overall, I am so thankful to be staying at home with Sweet Pea and watching him grow.

Recently, he has been smiling SO big and cooing like crazy. I just can't get enough of that! Sometimes he'll just smile up at me and I just can't help but cry because my heart is so full. What an unbelievable feeling to love someone so tiny so much. Elijah has been sleeping so good at night. I am so blessed. Today he woke up in his crib about 7:30 and just laid there and cooed and talked to himself for about 10 minutes. I just don't know how it can get any better than that! I feel like my whole being is now wrapped up in his accomplishments instead of my own. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this little boy.

One of my favorite things is taking Elijah to church. My little Sweet Pea just eats up the attention of all the ladies in the nursery. (I'm so in trouble since all of his little nursery friends are gonna be girls!) He's been so good in the nursery so far. Our church has tv's in the nursery rooms for the workers to listen to the service and they all tell me that he just turns his little head toward the screen whenever his daddy is singing or the choir is singing. I just love that!

Just this week, Elijah has started smiling at me while I'm nursing him. He'll just take a quick break and smile so big up at me. I'm telling you...Justin is gonna come home one day and just find me in a puddle on the floor! I can't believe he's 8 weeks old tomorrow, but I definitely owe the blog some pictures, so check in for a photo update!