Wednesday, April 29, 2009

elijah singing with daddy

Elijah knows what music he likes...

...and what music he doesn't!

I know I shouldn't love this face, but I can't help's too cute!!!


Linda said...

Been thinking from the day he was born that his little fingers will someday play the piano. Now from
hearing him respond to daddy's singing to him and listening also
to the do ray me fa so's so intently that he's a definite singer-to-be. Keep him climbing
that music scale, daddy--mommy too.
Just so sweet! Give him a big hug.
I look forward to hugging him tomorrow and keeping him a little
while too.

Kelly said...


The videos are too precious. I had forgotten what a newborn's cry sounds like...thank you for the heads up for me in a couple of months. Also, the last picture broke my heart and made me laugh all in one. He is too cute! We have got to get together again...very soon!!! I need to see Elijah! The pictures are not enough anymore! I love you and hope you're getting some rest!

erin blakley said...

Kelly...we do have to get together...I hate that I have stuff to do Saturday, so I can't hang out with you and Sarah. I'm getting good rest, though...he went 9 hours between feedings last night!!! HELLO?! I am so blessed!