Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy 8 weeks Elijah!

As promised, here are some sweet pictures of my baby boy over the first 8 weeks of his life. So far, he's smiling at Mommy and Daddy like crazy, cooing, squealing every now and then, holding his head up, and sleeping up to 6 hours at night. He's our bundle of joy!

Week 1 - In the billiblanket

Week 2 - In Daddy's arms

Week 3 - With his babysitter (just kidding, Mom!)

Week 4 - On his tummy

Week 5 - In a photo shoot!

Week 6 - During bathtime

Week 7 - Easter Sunday!

Week 7 again - Too cute!

Week 8! - So precious!


Talia said...

OH MY WORD! he is ADORABLE! i know you are loving every minute.

ps...we have the same boppy cover : ). the one in the last picture.

Linda said...

OMG how I love seeing the pictures
of our little handsome, beautiful
Elijah! It was great to see him
sporting his Easter suit since we
were not there--really sweet in
Carolina Blue. - Nice family photo,

Jeni Sinclair said...

He's getting so big! I hadn't seen those last couple pictures and I think he's gotten even more adorable!