Wednesday, April 22, 2009

church nursery

We've had revival this week with our church and two other area churches, so last night I had to prepare to leave Elijah with nursery workers I didn't know. I had a great test/lesson of my faith when this 80-looking year old woman walks in the nursery, takes a look at Elijah and says..."Well, I've never taken care of one that small before."

Hello?? First rule of nursery care should be...never reveal to the mom how much you don't know about babies...(or, even better, don't sign up for nursery if you don't know anything about babies!)

Really, I didn't have to worry too much because another mom of two boys walked in and she was gonna be in the room to help. Of course, last night was the LONGEST revival night yet, so it was a good thing I didn't wear my watch. Elijah survived and all is well!..although I'm pretty sure the (80-looking year old) woman called him a "she" when she gave Elijah back to me. Oh, well...gotta love the church nursery.

Another note about church nursery...last Sunday Elijah came home wearing makeup on his sleeper and smelling like a perfume counter...yuck!! ...But he was in one piece!

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