Friday, May 1, 2009

7 quick takes friday!

So...Justin hurt his ankle on Monday night playing basketball. Thankfully, we already had a set of crutches in the attic from previous incidents like this. Let's face it - when we started dating, he was on I signed up for these little accidents!! It seems to be healing well, so that's good.
Elijah slept through the night (8-9 hours) from Saturday night to Wednesday night!!! Last night he only made it to 5 am, but I'm still so thankful! My precious 10 week old is doing pretty good. He likes to sleep like his mom and dad!
I feel like I left my job to stay at home with my son and do laundry. Was there this much laundry when I was working?? I know I've added the cloth diapers to the load, but those seem so easy compared to everything else! Whew! if I could just keep up with the ironing.
My mom came and stayed with Elijah for about 5 hours yesterday while I was at a church event. I'm so thankful that she was able to come up and she was great (of course) with Elijah. Stay tuned for a hilariously cute video from her visit that I'll post tomorrow.
One of my best friends from college, Sarah, is coming to visit today!! I can't wait...she hasn't seen Elijah yet and I'm excited for her to meet him. She's driving up from Georgia as I type this! Yay Sarah!!
I'm excited to be playing some "background music" tomorrow for a Mother/Daughter tea hosted by the Arts Council in Elkin. I don't get to play piano a lot lately, so I'm excited for the opportunity (even though I have a lot to still prepare tonight) and hopefully it will mean some good contacts for piano students in the Fall!
I'm planning to organize a community yard sale for May 16th. Be in prayer for this because I'm kind of using this as a way to meet all of our new neighbors. God has given me a burden for our neighborhood and gave me this idea as a way to jumpstart relationships with those around us. I hope lots of neighbors will be excited about this.
Have a great Friday!!


Terra Jones said...

#1 - Glad to hear he's doing better ;-)

#2 - YAY for sleep!!!

#3 - lol, I feel the same way! And it seems to multiply with each child (like...fishes and loaves kind of multiplying, LOL)

#4 - Mommies are the best ;-)

#5 - HI SARAH!!!! I miss Sarah....

#6 - I'll be praying for this event!

#7 - Please let me know how this goes! I thought about doing the same thing! Give me tips! :)

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

#2 - How nice! Our babies are about the same age, so I know what a gift that is!

I enjoyed reading these. Thanks for participating!