Tuesday, May 26, 2009

when tuesday becomes your monday...(+ update)

...so we left right after church to go to the lake with Justin's parents on Sunday. (Much needed after a weekend of yard work and yard saleing). We had a wonderful time and got home last night around 8. I fed, bathed, and put down Elijah, then decided I needed a cookie and some milk while Justin was finishing up more yard work. (pics to come later!) I got some milk and realized it was rather warm....(yuck)...then I checked the fridge. Sure enough - warm things all in the fridge and the freezer. Our ice cubes were water...the ice cream wasn't even cool...that bad. Not exciting news to a women who just went grocery shopping (majorly) on Friday and we haven't even eaten any of the new stuff I bought. Tons of yummy groceries were thrown in the trash last night.

I hope the repair guy can have some good news at 11:00. I'm hopeful, but not dumb....we'll see.

...what a rainy Tuesday that feels like Monday!

* Update *
The refrigerator repair man has come and gone. Thankfully, we do not have to buy a new refrigerator, just a new part. Also, he informed us that the ice maker (which hasn't worked since we moved in) just needs to be completely replaced (for only $150), so it looks like I'll keep "making" my own ice for now!

I was saddened when I checked our banking account today and saw that my grocery shopping purchase from Friday had not yet even cleared at the bank. How unfortunate...all that food wasted. And to think...I just used $16 worth of coupons that day...I was so proud of myself. It hurt to have to throw out the uneaten chicken, Stouffer's meals, and ice cream...but it killed me even more to throw out the milk I was storing for Elijah. That is really unfortunate! (to use Justin's favorite word!) Anyway...we are blessed...and I'm glad to not be purchasing a new fridge!

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Sheila said...

Yuck! I'm so sorry, girl!