Saturday, May 2, 2009

do re mi fa sol la ti do!

I have always loved the Sound of Music since I was a little girl...I just loved to sing and this is just the ultimate musical. I either wanted to be just like Julie Andrews as a little girl, so I sang all the time. Pretty much any hairbrush or remote in sight became an instant microphone. My poor sister had to be my audience many a night as I sang away.

I guess I get my love of music from my parents. They have always sung in the church choir while I was growing up and really encouraged me to play piano and sing.

We definitely hope to instill a love of the Lord (#1) and a love of music in our children, so it has been fun to watch Elijah respond to music as enthusiastically as he has.

Like I said yesterday, my mom came to watch Elijah for me on Thursday night. Before I left, she was entertaining Elijah with (her rendition of) Do, a Deer since Justin and I have been singing solfege to him so much. My sister and I always kid my mom about having her own dictionary because she can make up some interesting words. This apparently rings true in her songs, too.

She knows I took some pictures, but I don't think my mom knew I was video taping her. Sorry mom!! You and Justin are the ones who have made it on my blog singing....way to go!! Without further ado....Do, a deer....


Jeni Sinclair said...

I love it! I guess mom never really did stay awake through the Sound of Music...I know I did (several times with you) but I guess that's why I love it so much now. I can't wait for her reaction when she sees this.

I remember those many nights as your one-person audience very well, lol. I'm glad that Elijah now gets the pleasant 'brunt' of it now, hee hee.

Linda said...

Well, my daughter, you're right I
didn't know I was being videoed but
guess that's okay since Elijah has
a keepsake of he and I having fun
together singing. If I had known I
would tried to have gotten the words in right sequence but what
difference did that make to Elijah
He just liked the beautiful sound
that came forth!:) I did have fun
with him and hope to do it again
soon. He was so sweet to hold and
I loved every minute. Hug him tight for me and keep the music
going. Know he'll enjoy the new
music recorder you had in his room to play him lullabys and other
beautiful music but that just won't take the place of grandmommy's "sound of music" plus
animation besides.:) Lots of love!