Tuesday, October 7, 2008

our best (most interesting) new york pictures! #4

So...this endless escalator of stairs was broken on our first day, and a couple more times on our trip. Not what a pregnant woman wants to see on her commute to the Subway! I think I walked more this week than I've walked all year...sad, I know! The huge Brooklyn Tabernacle...used to be a theater...it's beautiful! The Brooklyn Tabernacle choir...we joined them in the congregation for their choir rehearsal! Paul Baloche - one of Justin's favorite worship songwriters...we really enjoyed him this weekend. ...and Justin ran into him in a hotel, so we got a picture!


Sheila said...

I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR WHEN I SAW FOUR POSTS IN A ROW! :o) Thanks for sharing a little slice of NY with us!

Kelly said...

wow what a fun trip it looks like you guys had...I'm sure it was good to get away - the two of you - before the baby comes.

Linda said...

What an exciting, wonderful trip to The Big Apple. Thanks for all the great pictures on your video.
Looked like Justin was enjoying a nice slice of cheesecake. (I'm sure he shared with you.) You will
always cherish the awesome experience you had of getting to sing at the Brooklyn Tabernacle
and being a part of that wonderful
Choir. Looking forward to hearing
more about your fantastic trip.
Keep walking!

love, mom