Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Justin just got deleted from "blogs i read" because I felt like I was living a lie the whole time he was on there. It just felt necessary that my husband be at the top of my he's my husband. But I can't justify it anymore. You just can't start a blog and never blog...unacceptable. Oh, shoot! I just realized...I probably should have waited to do that tomorrow since today's his birthday! Happy Birthday, Honey! :) I live your (fictitious) blog in real life!


Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHA... i was startin to wonder about his page :-)


and i love the new page :-) very cool... how did you get the top thingy? i don't know how to "jazz" up blogger like you can on myspace... any hints???

erin blakley said...

I am slowly learning photoshop from Justin... I had to make the whole thing there and then attach it as a picture...I was quite proud - i did it all myself!