Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a is for american idol

I can't believe American Idol is on again. I watched a few minutes last night and was amazed (again) at how many people focus their lives on this one show and truly becoming an American Idol. I'm watching The View right now and they're talking about it, too. I'm sure some of the footage from last night's show will be on a lot of other shows today as well. It's almost set up so that you are a "bad American" if you don't actually watch this show. I don't know.

I did kind of boycott American Idol for a few years after a friend of mine in college with amazing talent did not make the show. I've started watching it again in the past year and, I admit, it can get addictive. When I watch any of the audition weeks, however, it just breaks my heart to see how contestants' lives are wrapped around the possibility of becoming an American Idol, which is evidenced in their reactions when things don't go their way. I'm amazed at what lengths people will take to "make their dreams come true."

I do agree with the show's name - "American Idol" - because that is exactly what it is. How sad that we can honestly label things our "idols" and not think anything about it. Even when we don't physically label things an idol, so many things do take that place in our lives. We often think that we don't have idols because we aren't bowing down to a cow in India or on the front row screaming at Kenny Chesney, but I know there are so many things that take the place of God in a more subtle way in my life.

I often ask God to reveal these things in my life that I put before Him. I hope that I will be as disgusted at the "easily hidden" idols in my life as I am at those that idolize singers in an open way. I pray that God will continue to tug at the hearts of those who have yet to put Him first in their life, knowing that nothing else will ultimately save them.

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Kim said...

Hey Girl!!! Looooooooong time, no talk!!! I'm so glad to know that all's well on your end, and that you're happy and well and everything. Wonderful! Thanks for your blog URL... I'm enjoying catching up with you. :)

Ah yes, Idol! You know, I've rarely watched it since our amazing college friend failed to get on... just unbelievable to me, to this day. I am into Dancing with The Stars, though, admittedly! LOL

I'll be dropping in to read your blog... again, I'm so glad you're well, and let's stay in touch!!!

Much Love,