Thursday, January 10, 2008

feedback friday

So...I want to hear from you...whoever is out there reading this...

Please let me know how you handle those ever-popular telemarketers! It's been weighing on my mind because (and I'm not exaggerating) we have averaged 7 calls a day from telemarketers since we have moved. I get so upset because I will run around the house to try and find the phone when it rings just to see "unknown number" or an 800 number or something that makes it clear it is not anyone who I want to hear from. I definitely should have listed caller id as my #1 "household item" because i hope to never live without it!

So...tell me what you you ignore the calls (as I do most of the time) you try to be polite (I'm not good at that)...are you rude (that's what I want to be everytime I talk to a telemarketer) you try and witness to them (easier said than done) do you handle those unwanted calls??

We may just be losing the house phone soon. I can't take much more. Maybe it's just really bad because I've basically been in the house 24/7 lately, who knows! Maybe I should keep the phone so I atleast get some exercise running around to find it! :)

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Sheila said...

I'd google the "National Do Not Call List" and put your number on there, then they can't call you anymore. :o)

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