Monday, January 7, 2008

musical monday

We sang this song at church yesterday and it is one of my favorites! How amazing God's grace truly is scandalous. As humans, I know we can't fully comprehend what Christ has done for us...leaving the glory of heaven to be scorned on earth. How amazing to fully follow and submit to the perfect will of His Father. Praise the Lord that He took on our cross so that He could overcome all death for us, sacrificially making a way between us and God.

This is Our God

Who is this Light invading our darkness
Glorious might, the Sun rising for us
Conquering night
He captures the hardest of hearts
Who is this Hope that Heaven has given
Coming for souls, our rescue His Mission
Tenderness flows
And without condition He loves
This is our God, living and breathing
Call Him courageous, relentless, and brave
This is our God, loving and reaching
Scandalous mercy and mighty to save
Hallelujah, this is our God
Sing praise

Who is the One Who will not condemn us
Why would He come to shoulder our sentence
Nothing we've done
Will keep Him from giving us grace
Who is this One, we watch and we're speechless
God's only Son embracing our weakness
He overcomes all death
And frees us to live

This is our God suffering and dying
Call Him the Hero redeeming the lost
This is our God, Love sacrificing
All that is Holy, accepting our cross
Hallelujah this is our God
Sing praise

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Rebecca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!