Monday, July 2, 2007

no puppy yet

I promise I have good intentions on this blogging thing...I like reading about other people's lives...I just can't conjure up any good stories about mine right now. I had hoped to have news of a new puppy soon...but I found out last night that our biggest lead fell through. While my friends are waiting on babies to be born..yes..I am waiting on a puppy to adopt. The latest lead was a yorkie poo. That's just fun to say...and to hear Justin say. I'm so excited about a little dog. I really got my hopes up about this last one, which is so weird because a month ago I didn't even really want a dog. I've never sat around this much instead of wanting to go back to school I decided I would put my hopes toward getting a dog. Meanwhile...Justin and I are playing endless games of poker - and I'm kicking his butt everytime!


Rebecca said...

no puppy?!? :-(

poker table?!? :-)

Dee Dee said...

Well, I want to hear Justin say Yorkie-poo, too : )