Thursday, November 4, 2010

fall sensory tub

Here's another fun activity we did with Elijah surrounding pumpkins. In fact, I have never seen Elijah get so excited over an activity, so I will be sure to expand on this one!

I have read about several sensory tub activities over at this website, but I just didn't get around until making one until last week.  I had a lot of papers that I needed to shred, so I thought this would be the perfect time to hide some small pumpkins and gourds I had around the house in a "shredded paper sensory tub" for Elijah.

He literally played with this activity for about 45 minutes.  And every pumpkin he found was accompanied with squeals of delight.  I (of course) was so pleased and Justin and I had the best time watching him.

We had been outside earlier, which had turned into a major acorn-collecting adventure, so I decided to add a few acorns to the tub as well.  Elijah had to have help with those, but again, he was SO excited every time he found another object.

Basically, you can use items such as rice, beans, or shredded paper like I did to serve as the main substance in a plastic tub.  (It's also nice to have a lid so you can close it up for storage and use it again). Then add some larger items that can be hidden in the tub, preferably a themed object, to add focus to the activity.

We put a bowl beside the tub for collecting the items, which allowed us to encourage Elijah to count how many pumpkins he found.

I really was amazed at how much Elijah loved this activity.  I should have videotaped his reactions as he found pumpkin after pumpkin. Hopefully your toddler will enjoy this activity.  I highly recommend giving it a try!  ...And it wasn't really as much mess as I had expected!

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