Sunday, November 4, 2007

top ten tuesday

Top 10 Reasons to Watch the Office

10. You don't want to miss out on Jim's ridiculous looks at the camera
9. You'll get great ideas for office pranks (calculator in jello, cell phone in the ceiling, etc.)
8. You can watch the most politically incorrect and awkward moments occur every Thursday night in your own living room
7. You can see the "most drawn out, overly-dramatic love story ever" (in the words of Justin)
6. You can have fun pointing out the people in your own life that act just like the matter how ridiculous
5. You'll be thankful for your own boss...unless of course you'd rather have Michael Scott, a rude, politically incorrect, lazy, ignorant manager
4. You could begin saying "that's what she said" as a comeback for everything like my wonderful husband so maturely does
3. You will be educated on diversity, men and women, ethics, and relationships through various skits, videos, and seminars
2. You can finish watching each episode feeling like you are pretty normal in the scheme of things
1. You can have conversations with my husband, since that's the majority of what he talks about more (sorry)'s real life...Justin heard this quote today at his office: "Putting all your information on computers is just a fad." Unbelievable.
...this is what Michael Scott would say about that: "I know computer are good for some games and forwarding funny emails, but real business is done on paper."

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seattlebags said...

Hahaha-- who said that? Call me and tell me!

I can't wait until tomorrow night, did y'all ever watch last week?