Tuesday, August 12, 2008

baby blakley is a plum!

...or so thenestbaby.com says!
I'm at 12 weeks with 194 days to go! It just doesn't seem real, and I feel like I'm cheating my poor baby out of precious pregnancy memories I could be writing down or something. When I first found out I was pregnant (from a pregnancy test at 4:00 in the morning!) I could hardly wait to sit down and start writing about my thoughts. Now, 2 journal entries and about 7 weeks later, I'm at a loss for words. (I mean, I'm not really gonna share about the constant peeing or the ridiculously sore boobs in a journal for my child!!) I guess I'm not really feeling overwhelmed about having a baby (at least not yet) since I've been feeling pretty good and since I feel like I've seen every pregnancy video imaginable at LifeLine to prepare me. But I just need some inspiring ways to spend this special time in my life or ways to start knowing how to plan for the baby. Even though I work with pregnant women practically every day, I seem to be clueless about how to spend time during my own pregnancy! I'm honestly just waiting for the "nesting period" to kick in so I'll start seriously cleaning our house - that would be a productive aspect of pregnancy!

Alright, you moms out there - any suggestions for how to most enjoy and take in these special nine months?? Let me know! You'll be proud...I'm at least going to "enjoy" this time today and actually go workout for the first time in about 3 months! Unbelievable.


terra said...

Don't feel bad about the journal - I did the same thing...I think Keaton's has maybe 15 entries, lol...I got it the week I found out I was pregnant with him. :)

Benjamin's journal....um, yeh...about that ;-) Guess I should get one of those in the next couple of days! :)

Just journal when you can...it'll be more "special" that way :)

Hmm, other than spending time in the Word, reading books on parenting/issues that interest you...REST! You don't get that the 2nd time around! lol :)

Linda said...

Can't believe my daughter is 3 mos.
pregnant. I am so happy for you that you haven't been nauseated except that one time you told us about early on. That is a true blessing not to have morning or
any time of the day feeling sick. So just continue to enjoy each day and if you don't write about it don't feel bad. YOU have the wonderful memories and that's what
counts. I liked and appreciated
Terra's thoughts. I, too, suggest that you rest ALL you possibly can.
As she said, you don't get that
second time around so please make that a priority. I certainly never kept up with the size of my baby as you are doing. (I just know you were 8 lbs. 8 ozs. at birth.) So just enjoy the next
6 mos. of your pregnancy and we
hope to see the proud mom-and-dad-to-be soon real soon. love, mom

Kelly said...

Erin, your mom's message almost made me cry..I also agree with the resting statement. I love you and am so excited for you both!! We should get together soon!!

Talia said...

I will have to first agree with everyone about getting rest!! Getting rest the second time around is definitely not as easy : ).

I would suggest taking a picture of your belly every month. We didn't have a camera with our first son, so I didn't get to do this. I did this with our second one and I love all of them! Consider getting some professional pregnancy pictures done sometime around the 7th month. It is so fun!

I have to say that I love Humble Bumbles Baby Journal. It is fun to keep up with and not too overwhelming on the information that you fill in. I looked everywhere for a baby journal that I liked and this was my fav! It goes from before baby all the way to age three. Don't worry...it is not overwhelming like it sounds. Also, it was designed by a Christian woman which makes it really neat.

Go out on lots of dates with your man and commit to going on lots of dates even after the baby comes!! Right before both of our boys were born, we went on a simple, relaxing weekend getaway by ourselves. Also, if someone wants to bless you with the gift of a pregnancy massage...take it!! One of the best things ever!

Ok...this is probably more advice than you wanted. I have to say I am glad you are not sick...a little jealous, but TRULY glad :0)!

Z, T, K, B Jones said...

I second the belly pics! It's truly amazing to see your belly grow and know there's a little person in there! It's crazy!!! :)

As well as the maternity pics. We were able to do that with Keaton but didn't this time and I so regret it (My "free sears photo shoot" didn't turn out how I'd like and I only got one "maternity" shot...lol)

I also got a massage this pregnancy and it was AMAZING!!! If you have any aches - go to a chiropractor! oh wow...I cannot tell you (I know you've read, lol) how amazing that "treat" has been! I wish you were still here, I'd totally recommend you to my chiro!

I've been trying to think of other things to add to the list, but, my brain is a little foggy these past 9 days, lol