Wednesday, September 10, 2008

playing catch up...

I feel like I'm always playing catch up on laundry and why not on my blog? (on which I am way behind!) Well, the laundry and cleaning is under control for the moment (as much as it can be), so I've made it to the computer tonight to actually catch up on a few blogs and I thought I might write a few words of my own.

Things that really matter:

I'm up way later than usual tonight...mostly because I am so excited about what God has done!! Long story short...I was asked to counsel with a woman (friend of someone I know) who has been contemplating suicide. I have been praying all day about tonight...for the Lord's wisdom and guidance...and (long story short again)...despite the ridiculous barking of my dog (since we had to meet at my house), my extreme deficiency in counseling, and Satan's attempts to interfere in other ways, this woman prayed to receive Christ tonight! I'm ecstatic and I'm sure I'll share more about this later! Please pray for her. God is so good!

Things that ultimately do no matter but seem to make up my days:

I have to gripe for a moment...

Here's my shopping scenario from last week:

1. Justin and I walk into Old Navy to look for some maternity clothes for me (translation- I go to the maternity section, he goes to the men's - it's best for everyone around!)

2. I take 4 pairs of pants into the dressing room, come back with none. At this point I'm done shopping at Old Navy (since I don't think I've even been in there in about 3 years).

3. Justin picks up two pair of 34/36 pants that he is excited about because he can never find them that long and he doesn't need to try them on because (of course) they will fit perfectly.

4. We walk out of Old Navy with clothes for him (not pregnant...still super skinny) and no clothes for me (pregnant...and craving pants with "bendability!)

5. Why every time we go shopping am I more prone to buy him clothes anyway because it's easier than shopping for me!? No fair!!!

I've joined The Grocery Game and I'm already addicted and saving money. Check it out...$1 for a 4 week trial...tell them I sent you! More to come on this, too!

We're addicted to The Office again! Just two more weeks (September 25th!) and season 5 begins! In order to prepare we have purchased season 4 and are enjoying a laugh even as I am writing this!

September 25th is a big day for us....The Office season premiere and (hopefully) we will also be learning whether we are having a boy or a girl!! Can't wait to feel like I can make some plans...

We are still on the search for a "family friendly" house...getting pretty close...please pray for this!


Terra Jones said...

Is there a Super Target around you? They have LizLange Maternity and it's fabulous!!! Check craigslist too!! :) I wish you were closer, I've got 3 tubs filled with clothes!!!

Yay for the 25th!! ;-) Can't wait to hear :)

Talia said...

incredible!! praise God for His plan to put you in her life!! WOW!

i am so sorry about the clothes issue and totally understand. it always easier for guys...grrr. i totally agree with the target idea!! i had a pair of jeans and a couple pairs of dress pants and they were my favorite!! i also wish i was closer. i have a ton of clothes that you could totally borrow.

Sheila said...

I do like Target's maternity. (To agree with Terra.)

I can't wait to see if baby blakley is blue or pink! :o)

You're moving???

Rebecca said...

good to hear from you :-)

sorry- no maternity help from me...

love and miss you so much!! if shawn and i go home to visit- can we swing by and visit?!? (dont have a clue when that will be)

love ya