Friday, September 26, 2008

pregnant erin....18 weeks

Alright's what you're missing (those who don't live close by!) I'm getting pretty big! I do like the new maternity clothes I've found, though...I feel so spoiled with new clothes!


Sheila said...

You look so cute!

Linda said...

How beautiful you look, sporting
the new maternity outfit--the
mother-to-be-look for sure! It
was good to see mom-and-dad-to-be
last Sat. and how our grand-son-
to-be is growing! (Of course, we
didn't know last Sat. that "It's
a Boy", how exciting!

Terra Jones said...

SO cute!!!!! Love the top!! :)

...dang, you're making me miss my belly!!! ;-)

I'm so so so so excited for you :)

Rebecca said...

Love it! you look adorable :-)