Sunday, September 21, 2008

how not to feel girlie & beautiful...

Warning: this is a ridiculous story that I am probably going to regret sharing, but nonetheless...

First of all, thanks to you wonderful ladies who suggested maternity shopping at Target. I have to agree (now more than ever, as you'll soon see) that I was very pleased with two pair of pants I found there. I shopped there last weekend (as I was in a bind and needed black pants for a conference) and came away (spending more than I meant to) with a great pair of black pants and a pair of jeans. I just had to buy the jeans because I actually haven't fit into a pair of jeans I've owned in months, so I decided that I deserved some during pregnancy. And I'm thrilled with both pair!...I've got a little taste of the maternity pants as I have to pull up the jeans every couple of steps, but I figured it was better to buy them a little big and I trust I will fit in them soon enough.

On to my ridiculous story.... Before I discovered better maternity shopping at Target and JCPenny (I got some great shirts there Thursday!) I was drawn toward Motherhood Maternity which seemed the most obvious place to shop. So, I quickly bought a pair of black pants from there about a month ago that were on clearance and seemed to be a smart buy. (Disclaimer: I have two pair of khaki pants and two adorable shirts from there that I am completely thrilled with). This black pair of pants, however, may never get worn again! I got them out for the first time today to wear them to church with a cute new maternity top. They fit great and were very flattering...that's not the problem. The problem is...they apparently seem to like me even more than I like them. The black from my pants completely rubbed off on my legs, making them black all over!

You may ask when and how I first realized this. Well, alright, you asked, so here's the answer! I discovered this when I left a ridiculous black stain from my legs on our toilet today!! Yes, I went to the bathroom after church, turned around to flush and realized that the seat has a marvelous imprint of my legs! (There's a picture for you!) We have yet to know whether it's going to come off! My Clorox Clean Up doesn't even touch it, so I may be straight-up bleaching my toilet seat. How embarrassing! This is why my title is "how not to feel girlie and beautiful!" That'll do it! An imprint of yourself on the toilet!! (And let me tell you, I covered it pretty well!)

Anyway...I'm sure this isn't every pair of black pants at MM, but you have been warned!! As for me, I think it's strictly Target and JC Penny. MM has stressed me out both times I've been in there anyway!

Well, there's a glimpse into my life today...hope its not an indicator of the rest of my week. As long as I remember to wash those pants by themselves, maybe I'll be ok!


Talia said...

hilarious!!!! thanks for sharing!

i am glad you found some clothes that you like. i think it is worth the money to have some things that make you feel nice while you are pregnant.

Sheila said...

Haha. :o) Try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Maternity clothes is fun until towards the end when even they don't fit your large hips, boobs, and butt. I don't want to burst your bubble, but it's coming... I was so depressed the first time around when the MATERNITY jeans and tops stopped fitting, because then I really felt like a lard butt. :o)

Rebecca said...

i am laughing out loud! can't say that that has ever happened to me... at least it makes for a great story :-)