Saturday, September 20, 2008

ready to move...

So, yes, we have been looking at houses for basically the whole time we have lived in Elkin...always open to any prospective house, but never certain about what God is leading us to do. Since I became pregnant, we have looked with more fervency, hoping to downsize (from this enormous parsonage!) and find a place without stairs (I'm scared to walk down with a baby and Jazz at my feet) and a more practical layout for us. Many houses have seemed "ok," but have not prompted us to make an offer as of yet. We found one several weeks ago that I thought might be "the one" but it's still over 40 years old and in need of many updates that we would need to do in order to ever hope to sell it again in the future. Everything we can possibly afford around here is usually cloaked in a great 70's feel!

Much to my surprise, I went away last weekend and came back to a husband who is seriously looking into building a house! We never thought of this as an option, so its caught me off guard a little bit, but starting to excite me. Justin looked through dozens of floorplans with a company we are hoping to work with and finally narrowed down to one that is very open and in our price range. Next thing I know, we're in Greensboro on Thursday talking with a building representative about what is feasable. Then today we were in Statesville looking at model homes to compare.

What a week! I have always wanted a newer home (translation:10 years or younger), but just came to the reality that is not an option here in Elkin...with our income..and this market. Now I'm starting to allow myself to get excited about having a brand new house built the way we want with brand new everything!! (INCLUDING A DISHWASHER!) So...I'm simply asking you all to pray for us as we seek God's will in this. We have yet to settle on a piece of land, so everything will hopefully remain in a "slow" process so I can have time to get used to this idea fully. But not too slow because BABY BLAKLEY IS ON THE WAY!!!

Thank you for you prayers!

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Kelly said...

Erin - That is awesome...I hope this option works out for you both if it's God's will. I miss you and thought of you tonight when I went into Babies R Us...we gotta go!