Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Discover Your Child's Strengths Through Play

I was looking for good articles to include in my client newsletter next month at work and I ran across a good one that I thought I would share with you moms who drop by my blog. I see so often at LifeLine how parents have no clue how to really play with their children because "playtime" usually equates to time infront of the TV, video game, or time that the child is "out of the parent's way." This article gives a great perspective on play time that I hope to keep in mind myself. Check out the article Discover Your Child's Strengths Through Play and let me know how you played as a child.

As for me, at one point in my young life (some time before 4th grade, I think), I literally had a system of numbering in my room to keep inventory on all my toys. This means Malibu Barbie could have been A1 while Ken was A2, and so on. Every toy had a sticker with its assigned number on it! I was psycho organizational even as a young child. Too bad this is NOT characteristic of my house now! Justin would probably hate me!! There are certain areas of my life that are super organized, but somehow it just doesn't translate to my overall day! Perhaps this is why I went in a closet at church the other day and actually wondered if anyone would let me get in there and just spend a day organizing it. (crazy!) Why can't I think that about my own closets!!! They need serious help right now, too!

Ok, let me know your childhood ways that have made it into your adult life...(and don't tell anyone I blogged at work today!!)

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Terra Jones said...

I always played school...I taught pre-school for a bit...I teach my kids now :)