Friday, February 13, 2009

welcome, 2009!

Hello!? Where have I been?! My first post in 2009...unbelievable! I have just been out of the blogging loop...knowing that I will be all into blogging soon enough when Baby Blakley arrives and I have lots more to talk about. So here's my update for any of you who even still happen by my pathetically neglected blog...

#1 - I'm huge! See for yourself...even though these were taken several weeks ago...

#2 - I'm so blessed. This pregnancy is flown by so quickly, but I believe it's because I've just felt so good the whole time. I'm very thankful for that. Also, God has blessed us with great friends who have helped us prepare for our baby boy! Check out these fun onesies my friends (pictured above) and I made when they came to visit....Sarah and Kathryn even came from different states! (Love you guys!)

I can't wait to put these on our baby boy!

Also...this is a gift from the ladies I work with at LifeLine...I was just blown away! I love this rocking chair and can't wait to use it!

#3 - The nursery is ready! I think if we would have chosen a name already then we may have some more decorations on the wall, but as of now, this is what our baby's coming home to!

#4 - We love our new home! I know that I definitely have to get some pictures up to show you all, but I guess you'll still have to wait. Other than the nursery, all the pictures of the house I have still show the rooms in disarray! I'll save those for another day.

#5 - I am just days away from being a stay at home mom! I'm excited, yet nervous. I was supposed to work today, but was just not feeling too well. It's hard to believe it's just a matter of days. I'm really going to miss my clients, but I'm looking forward to new doors God is going to open and lots of quality time with my little boy.

#6 - We still do not have a name for Baby Blakley!!! I'm not freaking out, though...we'll have to have one soon enough.

#7 - We saw BB on my 38 week ultrasound yesterday and it looks like he's gonna be chunky, the nurse said! Also, we could see his hair on the ultrasound! He's gonna have a head full! I can't wait to meet him and to see what color it is!

#8 - Only 9 days til my due date!!...anyone wanna guess when I'll deliver and how big he'll be?! and if God has given you the vision for our son's name, please don't hold back!


Rebecca said...

just so you know- i stop by EVERYDAY to see if there is an update :-)

i am soooo excited for you guys! and i can't wait to come up and meet him sometime (hopefully before he is walking) :-)

we will be praying for you, justin, jazz, and of course the baby!

Terra Jones said...

I was thinking you had Xavier?? No Xavier?? How about...

Quinn? Paul? (LOVE the name!) Stephen? Seth? David? Daniel? KEATON?! haha!! :)

The nursery is BEAUTIFUL! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I can't believe you're 38 weeks!!!! Eek! It won't be long at all! You're in my prayers!!!

Rebecca said...

i love the name isaac... but i have a cousin isaac... so that is kinda out for us - if we ever have babies

dancindaisygirl said...

You are just glowing. I know that you are excited to meet Baby Blakley. I received your card in the mail today, and well I sure hope to meet him when you get settled in and all. I am thinking of some good names for you.

I know you are getting excited!!!! I am excited for you!!!


Jeni Sinclair said...

The nursery has come so far since I last saw it and it looks great! The rocking chair looks so comfortable and the pillow seems to bring everything together...and the onesies are absolutely adorable! I'm glad you're blogging again.

As far as names, I like Issac too, or Eli or Nathaniel (nathan), Johnathan (he was a good friend to David :) My guess is that the baby will come on Monday, February 23rd ;) but I kinda hope that he comes while I'm at home this weekend and closer to y'all. Love yah!