Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Well, we've been back in town since Monday, but I just now feel like I've caught up on everything.  It is always good to get a vacation from the norm, but it seems that it takes another week to bounce back from a vacation!  Laundry is done and the house is pretty clean, so now I'm ready to enjoy the weekend!

2.  Elijah got 3 more teeth while we were gone last week, so I am very thankful he is a fairly easy teether!  It could have been real torture in a hotel room, but he did great.  Check out this picture I took this morning...I can't believe how much his teeth have already come through. 

3.  One more thing about last week's vacation...We stayed with some friends of ours at the end of the week and had such a good time.  It's always good to go somewhere where you can feel so at home and welcome.  When we got home, however,  I was unpacking our toiletries and found several things that I knew weren't ours.  I was confused for a second and then remembered that Justin had packed our stuff up to leave.  Apparently he forgot that we weren't staying at a hotel where you can just take the shampoo with you!! He basically just cleaned out the shower at our friends' house!  I now have their shampoo, some body wash, and (get this!) some hand soap!  (Apparently he cleaned off the counter, too!)'s just another reminder of why I do the packing for vacation, and I guess I have to be more careful about packing to return home, too.  I remember checking the bathroom that day to see if we left anything behind, and obviously we did not!  Oh, well.  Maybe we'll be invited back again...if I can get a handle on Justin's sticky fingers!

4.  (If you are my may not want to read this one!)

Elijah has been crawling everywhere these days, and as I've mentioned before, he is much more interested in Jazz's toys than his own.  Literally, his ball that rattles and is so colorful can be sitting right next to Jazz's boring, plain ball, and he will go for her's everytime!  Now Elijah has discovered that Jazz's food bowl is more exciting than his toys as well.  I've had to "redirect" him several times away from her bowl.  One time he turned it over and got water all over himself, which he did not like! I had hoped that incident had scared him away, but apparently not.  Yes. It has already happened. My 8 1/2 month old child has tasted dog food.  I guess that officially takes me out of the running for mom of the year...or ever!

Yesterday morning, I left Elijah crawling in the living room while Jazz was eating her food and I went back to the bedroom for a few minutes.  I didn't think one thing about the scene that I had just set up!  Sure enough, I went back and Elijah has one piece of food in his mouth and one piece in his hand.  Disgusting!  Atleast I know that Jazz didn't freak out on Elijah...but I kind of wish she would have so Elijah would stay away from the dog food! 

Any suggestions for keeping Elijah away??

5. I have checked out FlyLady before, but never really stuck with anything.  This week I am doing so well!  I have a renewed sense of discipline for our home after being away for a week.  I am ready to Fly!  Check it's a good time to get things in order with the holidays coming up!

6. If you live around Elkin and haven't been to Finder's Keepers yet, you should check it out!  It's a new consignment shop that sells household items.  No clothes, so it's kind of nice just to go check out the household stuff she's got.  It's on North Bridge Street, on the left, if you're heading toward Belk's.  I'm really into consignment shopping right now, and since this area doesn't offer the best shopping expereiences, I feel like it's a good opportunity to shop for items you might not find in stores right around here.  I just took some stuff there yesterday, so I'm hoping it will get sold quickly! 

7.  A friend of mine just introduced me to E-mealz, and I think we are going to get along great!  I just signed up the other day and we had our first E-meal last night.  If you don't like planning your menu each week, but would like to have a better plan, then this is for you!  There is a small fee, but in return, you receive a meal plan for a week along with a detailed shopping list.  I know that a good plan can save lots of money, and we all want to do that, right!


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Lenae said...

#2- Wow, 3 teeth in a week?! That would have been a nightmare for me and my husband. Our older boys always get a bit of a cold when they're teething, and VERY cranky.

#3- LOL! I wonder what your friends thought when they realized everything was gone. At least he didn't throw the bedspread and pillows in the luggage too!

#4- Yikes. My kids have all sought out the dog food like heat-seeking missiles too. I wish I could say we found a magic solution, but all we could do was catch them in the act, consistently and sternly tell them 'no', and put the dog's dish up when he wasn't eating.

#7- Never heard of E-Mealz before; I'll have to check it out! :)