Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Today, over at Momfessions, the Christmas shopping topic is for "something different."  I don't really have any more gift ideas, (I'm hoping to gain a few myself this week), but I can share "something different" about where you can look for gifts. 

I've been doing my shopping in consignment shops lately, and I've been surprised at the amount of brand new items you can find.  I really shouldn't be surprised because I've consigned a few brand new items myself.  (You know...clothes I just knew I would be motivated to fit into one day if I bought them on sale or the candle holders I just had to have when I saw them but couldn't ever find a place for them at home!) 

In the same way it's smart to shop for a "slightly used" car whose first owner has paid the initial full price, it's not a bad idea to check out consignment shops where you can find some previously owned, but still in the package, brand new items.  I've found some great frames this way.  Just the other day I saw lots of brand new, boxed Hallmark ornaments at a local consignment shop.  It's worth checking out, if you're shopping on a budget.  I hope you find some good stuff!

Here's another Christmas tip:  Check out Vistaprint if you are interested in personalizing stationary/notecards/notepads/etc. for Christmas gifts.  There are always items for free (+ shipping) that can make great gifts.  Personalized Christmas cards aren't cheap!  So here's what we're planning to do this year...We'll create our Christmas Card picture/message as a photo, then upload it for a postcard here at Vistaprint.  You can get 100 postcards for free, upload your picture for a few bucks, then spend just a few more for envelopes.  While you're there...create your own return address labels for free and your Christmas cards are well on their way to being done.  (I wish they would stamp & lick them, too, but it looks like that's up to me!)  But be's easy to get hooked on this website!

Be sure to check out Momfessions for more Christmas gift ideas for "something different" today!


Terra Jones said...

love consigment shops....any time of the year, lol :)

They just put in a cute little one downtown WF (you should take your sister next time you're in, lol!) I love it.

erin blakley said...

good to know, Terra! Jeni was just asking me if I knew of any and I told her to ask you! :)

Kelly said...

Erin - right now you can get 50 free photo cards (and envelopes) and free shipping from this website...hope you can use it!

Use the code: freebies4mom-1109

Glad you guys had a great trip!