Tuesday, September 7, 2010

morning and night time routine

So, I have to admit that I just got overwhelmed with blogging last week and the fact that I am the worst at keeping things simple in the kitchen...so I left you hanging on the last day of K.I.S.S.  Please forgive me.

After much thought, here's what I have for keeping things simple in the kitchen.

Having a morning and nighttime routine does wonders for helping me not hate walking into my kitchen!  It's amazing how the condition of my kitchen can really affect my attitude toward my home.  It's such a small room, but boy can the dishes pile up!

Keeping things simple can also help keep things sane.  And I will admit that things are not always simple or sane in my house.  On a perfect (?!) day, this is how I keep things simple and sane in a room of our house that really doesn't get me too excited...

In the morning...

  • I unload the dishwasher or dishes that are out drying, putting away all dishes right away on a very good day!
  • I wash all of the dishes from breakfast so that I don't start off with a messy sink.
At night...
  • I load the dishwasher or hand wash all dishes that are dirty (oh what a glorious night!)
  • I make tea if we are out.
  • I think about what is for dinner the next night (possibly pulling it out to thaw).
  • I put water in the ice trays and tell Justin we should fix our ice maker.
  • I clean off the kitchen counters and kitchen table.
It really is mostly about the night time routine.  If I take a few minutes to do things at night then I love waking up to a clean kitchen.  I am motivated to cook and keep things clean if my kitchen starts off clean in the morning.

Again, it's one of those things that are simple - IF I WILL JUST DO IT!!

How do you keep things simple in your kitchen?  Feel free to link up a post below or leave a comment!

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