Monday, September 13, 2010

musical monday

I am so thankful that God has amazingly gifted so many contemporary song writers to help us to see Him in a new way because of the words and melodies He gives them.

With my husband being a music minister, I think I look at music a little more through his eyes - looking for songs that will draw others closer to the Lord and change them in a real way.

Some song writers that have made a tremendous impact on us with the words they have been given to share.  Often it's in the rewriting of an "old" hymn that brings new life to a song we already loved.  If you don't already know artists like this, then here are a few I can think of: Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Keith & Krysten Getty, Paul Baloche, and Laura Story.

These writers point me straight to the Lord.  It never seems to be about them, which is so refreshing.

Over the last year especially, Laura Story's music has totally blessed me and I have such a respect for her.

...And I got to meet her this weekend!!!

Many of you know her song Mighty to Save, but you may not know that she wrote Indescribable, which Chris Tomlin made popular.  I shared a while back about her great song Immortal, Invisible which is one of my favorites right now!

I was able to meet Laura on Friday night because it was a small women's conference and I told her how I love this song and that my husband has been introducing it to our church as a new worship song.  She seemed so grateful that we were sharing her music and later told me that they would be singing it over the weekend.  When she sang it, she even gave me a little wave, letting me know she remembered!  How sweet is that!

It was such a blessing to meet the person behind the music and to see that her personality also made things not about her.  I love that I will respect her music even more now, knowing that her life lines up with what she writes.  I'm so thankful that God let me get to know her a little bit this weekend.
(sorry, it's a little blurry!)

Here's a video with a little more of Laura and her music:

What are some musicians that God is blessing your life with right now?  


Jeni Sinclair said...

i must admit...I'm a little jealous. I listened to only her cd in my car for about 3 months....literally. She's great and I ditto what you said and would like to add Charlie Hall to your list ;)

Mandy said...

One artist whose music has always been a blessing to me is Bebo Norman. A lot of people know songs like "Great Light of the World" and such, but it's usually the "unknown" songs that do it for me. I have only ever met him once, at an autograph signing after a concert, so I didn't really get to talk to him, but I just get this feeling of "real" from him. I love that his songs have depth and emotion and are poetic.

Another artist that God always seems to bless me through is Paul Wright. If you know of his music, you might think "really?" Haha. :-) He has a lot of feel-good music, and a lot of songs that aren't all about God, but he does have some really good ones. Some of my favorites are by him - I particularly like his songs "You're Beautiful," "I'm Sorry," and "My Everything."

I could list a few others, but maybe another day. ;-)

Erin said...

I'll have to check out Paul Wright...never heard of him. And I really don't know much of what Bebo Norman sings, but I like what I know. Thanks for the suggestions! And I like Charlie Hall, too, but need to check out more of his stuff!