Thursday, January 13, 2011

One down...

To tell you the truth, I'm not doing so well with my goals for this year.  And yes, I know it's only the 13th of January.  At least since it is the 13th of January I still have hope for the rest of the year.  It's as if I wrote down these goals and every lazy bone in my body (all of them) decided to kick into full gear.  Ugh.

BUT...I have completed one goal!  We went to a great concert Sunday night.  Justin and I had talked about going to Winter Jam and I'm so glad we did.  We paid extra for VIP open seating and ended up on the FRONT ROW!  It was just so great to be out with my husband for a night...enjoying time together and worshiping beside him.  I love that he's a worship pastor, but I do miss getting to sing beside him in church sometimes. are some pictures we got at the concert.  *Spoiler Alert* if you're planning to go to Winter Jam this year!

Chris Sligh

Chris August

Sidewalk Prophets



Francesca Battistelli

David Crowder Band

Us waiting on the final two groups!


Very genuine group...loved them!

Michael Tate of the Newsboys

Newsboys drummer...hilarious!

I felt kind of old hearing some of my favorite Newsboys songs from "back in the day" that not too many people around us seemed to know!  But at the same time...going to great concerts makes me feel younger....It was a great concert and time of worship!

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Jeni Sinclair said...

Nice pictures and I love your hair! Have you heard the Chris August song about candy? I've heard it a few times on KLove radio and I always think of Justin because in the song he says he loves candy but he's skinny, lol :) Love you lots!!!