Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I'm sad that the 2010 Christmas season is over because I think it was one of my favorites.  Our family enjoyed witnessing Elijah's first glimpse of the live nativity at our church, Justin and I got to lead the music at our first ever church Christmas Eve service, Christmas presents for our little man mostly involved trains and the names Thomas...and Emily...and James...and Henry....and Edward...(if you know what I mean!) and we were blessed by a sweet time of worship at our home with some musician friends and their families which we hope will be a first annual tradition.  I'm blown away by God's goodness in our lives in 2010 and I really could enjoy another month just like our December was.  

BUT I'm ready for 2011 as well.  I'm entering this new year with great expectations for what God has planned for our family and how He can help me to reach some lofty goals I have set for myself!  I want to share my goals with you for this year. I feel like they have been constantly on my mind, so I'm ready to get them in print and hit the ground running.  Please join me in praying that we become the women (and men) God wants us to be in this new year.  If any of these goals are similar to mine, let me know and we can check in on one another!

Personal Goals...
  • Memorize 30 scripture passages
  • Read every chapter in the Bible (though not necessarily in order because I have failed at that so many times)
  • Read 10 books (that I already own but haven't read)
  • Establish a consistent morning routine (exercise, prayer, reading God's word)
  • Establish a consistent nighttime routine (cleaning up the house, early bedtime)
  • Stop biting my fingernails
  • Go to a concert (or two!)
  • Merge this blog and my family blog (look for this in the near future!)
  • Establish consistent hours for counseling
  • Create monthly goals to accomplish as well
Household goals...
  • Not be embarrassed when anyone shows up unexpectedly (keep the house presentable!)
  • Find 2 more ways to be a little more green - and start doing it
  • Save for a new dining room table and chandelier (quit just wishing they would appear!)
Family goals...
  • Intentionally have guests over 2 times a month
  • Look for or make items to use for our Jesse Tree/Advent Calendar
  • Read Elijah's new Bible with him each day before breakfast and watch the DVD
  • Have many more times of family worship in 2011 than we did in 2010
If you are making your own goals this year, I'd love to hear about them! Also, feel free to print out a goals worksheet here.  This is what I plan to laminate (with my laminator I got for Christmas!!) and put on my bathroom mirror for daily reminders of what I would like to accomplish this year.

Happy New Year!


Amber said...

Thanks for linking up! I should've put the "stop biting my nails" on my list too! I really need to quit it, but I don't even realize I'm doing it until it is too late!

Happy New Year!

Love and Blessings,

Erin said...

I know! One of those dumb habits that I need to put down in writing so I WILL quit! :)

Sheila said...

Great goals! You are so inspiring, woman!

Erin said...

Sheila, I am hopeful for a much better year than last year! Not that it was bad, I feel like I just wasted so much time. I set lofty goals knowing I HAVE to rely on God to accomplish them! Love you! :)

alex said...

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