Monday, October 29, 2007

top ten tuesday

Top 10 things Jazz would rather play with than the cute toys she has!

10. anyone's toes she can sink her teeth into
9. the top of my shaving cream can...she'll chase it around all day
8. a piece of ice...she comes running when I go to the fridge
7. a Pepsi (not coke) bottle...any size works
6. any color sock...clean or dirty
5. dryer sheets...maybe they will help her breath
4. a plastic bathroom cup
3. straws keep her occupied for hours
2. our books...she now reads more than Justin
1. the new Dance Dance mat...she's no better at dancing than we are

1 comment:

Michelle said...

So, I just got the Westwood newsletter and read Justin's column. I wonder where that comment at the end about dancing came from????? Hmmm...LOL!