Sunday, October 28, 2007

we refuse to grow up

I'm fighting through the recent Blogger's block (as my friend Sheila says) to give you a huge glimpse into our lives. It's really a good thing we live on a farm. I would love to live in a nice little "neighborhood" one day, but I know our neighbors will think we're crazy.

For instance... we finally got a lot of rain the last few days, something that Jazz has not really seen much of, so we were really having to get creative in getting her to go outside. My strangely creative husband (love you babe!) decided to take Jazz out while wearing a wet suit (spring suit to be exact) so that he wouldn't get his own clothes completely soaked! I really think he looks for any excuse to put that ridiculous thing on. Thankfully, it was at night and maybe the few neighbors we do have didn't notice anything weird.

Jazz's new raincoat!
#2 - We went to Rose's the other day for the first time (and probably the last - oddly enough, we're loyal to wal-mart). We hung out a while in the toy section and ultimately left with a $5 remote control car to introduce to our puppy. She, however, was not as excited about it. She takes to the car about as much as she takes to the broom (!?) and the vacumn! I know our neighbors must think we play more than their kids do!

Ok, our final quirky decision of the week...We are now owners of Dance Dance Revolution. I have actually wanted this for a while, so I'm so excited! (It actually seems like the one fun workout I can think of). So we got it yesterday and had too much fun and laughs trying it out!! I've done some of those dance things at the arcades before, and I always joke about Justin trying them out, but I can't believe we actually own it now! We may be hosting some dance parties (!?) in the near be ready! Believe it or not, Justin and I are pretty close dance competitors. Who knew! I learn something new about him all the time!

Anyways...I'm going to have to come up with a strategic plan for blogging regularly. Any ideas??All of my entries just seem to be embarrassing for me and Justin!

Here are some pictures of our weekend at home for my sister's birthday!

Just a cool picture of the family that Justin took! Unbelievable sunrays!

Jazz patiently waiting until Justin gives her permission to get her treat.

(And the vet said our dog is disobedient! ha!)
Our dog is advanced.
Jeni finally met Jazz!

A picture of my mom's flowers for her to see. She's finally taking a computer class and now gets on the internet to read my blog. I guess pigs are flying somewhere, too!

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seattlebags said...

I am so glad you're back to blogging! :o) I think you need to try the alphabet-- I'm having a great time!