Sunday, December 30, 2007

life is a blur...

These past few weeks really have been a blur for Justin and I. Personally, I would not suggest that anyone move during the Christmas season. Not that any other time is any less crazy for a move, but we seemed to keep accumulating so much stuff during the weeks leading up to Christmas (and I am thankful for those gifts!) that made it even more difficult to get packed.

We packed up in Roxboro on Thursday with such amazing help from many Westwood people. THANK YOU ALL!! We had no idea how much stuff we really did have. It's mostly all unpacked right now except our many books and I'm going to work on those tomorrow. It was not hard for us to leave our house. It was not hard for us to leave Roxboro. It was hard to leave our Westwood friends that have become our family. I realized that so much more today when we worshipped with our new church in Elkin. It's so different worshipping with people you have yet to really know. I am thankful, though, that we worship the same God and I know He will provide great friendships here and new opportunities for us to serve in Elkin.

I absolutely love our new house in Elkin and can't wait for everyone to come visit! (This is your official invitation). We're still waiting on our new sofa and loveseat to come and then we'll be ready to host some get-to-gethers! We have so much space to really spread out and enjoy all of the things we've had stored. For instance, we're now able to keep our keyboard up all the time so I enjoyed a nice relaxing hour of playing through some old music tonight. And...we have two bathrooms! Luxury. Unfortunately, we are sharing our house with a gazillion ladybugs. Better them than roaches or rats, I know, but any extermination or prevention advice is welcome.

Today was a little weird because we walked to church - a new, but welcome, experience. We literally just have to walk around a fence and we are there. We also spent the rest of the day in Winston-Salem looking for pots to accomodate our new house plants and a few other items- yes, it took all day for some reason. It's fun to actually have space to decorate with some new stuff. Anyway...just a glimpse into our life in Elkin...still in a blur.


Rebecca said...

be sure you post pictures real soon!

it too was a little strange for me this morning... Andrew did a beautiful job playing the guitar... but it just seemed a little empty without you guys!

Michelle said...

I'm still in "oh, they're just on vacation" mode. I'm sure the weirdness will hit soon, though! Post pictures soon!

Sandra W. said... moved to get new furniture??? haha

Yeah, it was hard in church yesterday knowing that 2 of our family members weren't coming back. I am so glad I got to see you'll Thursday and having helped you pack made it real that you'll weren't just on vacation. I am so glad you love your house and have so much room. Keep the updates coming. And have a Happy New year!!

Sheila said...

I miss you. :o(