Thursday, December 13, 2007

my day

I needed to get my car checked out because the "check engine" light came on a little while ago. So, I finally broke down (no pun intended) and got my car checked out and treated her to an oil change as well. One of the guys working at the car place came to the waiting room and asked me to come out to the work area and look at my car. He proceeded to tell me that the reason my "check engine" light had been on was because I had not completely closed my gas cap the last time I got gas, which triggered it to come on. I was so relieved to know it was nothing bad! But then...seriously...he demonstrated for me how to close the gas cap properly (making sure that it makes a clicking noise, of course). I really had to keep myself from laughing. I could just imagine him doing the same for a man!! It always cracks me up to go to the mechanic and listen to them explain car things to women. Anyway...I thought it was funny, and I guess I was in a good mood because I didn't even feel insulted.

Another part of our day has consisted of watching our poor little puppy walk around so helplessly. We had her fixed today and we picked her up about 5:30. She is so pitiful! It's killing us. Anyone who's been around Jazz knows that she is anything but slow and quiet. It's so hard to watch her in pain. Hopefully she will heal well.

My friend Jen is on her way home from India now! I'm going to meet her flight at 8:00 Friday morning. I can't wait to see her! Pray for her safety!

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