Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I literally played golf 3 times last week! I haven't even played golf 3 times in my life before. I'm telling you, I'll do anything for my husband! Justin really did talk me into going to the driving range a few times and trying out golf, which I know he did not have to ask his wife to do! But, I'm far I actually like it. And hopefully I'll continue to like it because we are now members at a local (cheap) golf course! I think that we will really enjoy the time spent on the golf course together. We have been much more "active" lately (aka: we really haven't been in front of the tv very much at all!) because Justin's been playing basketball with some guys and I've been going to the gym several times a week now. I definitely like this more "active lifestyle" we have going recently. It's much easier in the Spring to want to get out and do fun things.

On Saturday morning we had a final rehearsal for the children's musical (which went great on Sunday!), then we went and played 9 holes of golf. We hung out in the afternoon with Justin's parents, then after dinner we decided we wanted to go play some more golf since we are now "members." We walked 7 holes that night and I was so exhausted that I didn't make it to the early service on Sunday morning. I think this could be a fun new form of exercise!

I spent part of last night looking for some "girlie" golf clubs on ebay to match my girlie glove and pink towel (my only girlie golfing items I currently own!) Today, I realized that I guess I am now officially a golfer because 3 tees came out in the washing machine. All from my pockets!

I think Justin wondered what exactly he had gotten himself into when I told him I was going to store some lotion in my golf bag because my hand gets to dry in the glove! The things Justin puts up with! I love him!


Andrew & Sheila said...

Haha! I love the lotion in the golf bag part. I could just see Justin's eyebrow going up at that statement!

Matthew 19:26 said...

How do you do the blof header?

Windot said...

so about that header... ha ha ;) I love that you've been golfing. My hubby and I want to try but we're afraid we'll be the worst ones out there and holding people up.

Rebecca said...

are you ok???