Tuesday, June 23, 2009

d.c. pictures!

Elijah got to know his carseat very well...poor thing!

Sleeping through the sights!

In front of the Capitol Building

Justin and Elijah in front of a fountain

Justin doing some "baby wearing!"

Feeding Elijah in the park!

Elijah trying his best to stay sane in his carseat!

We really didn't take alot of pictures this trip, but it was quite an experience to remember. As you can see, one of the main mistakes we made was not taking our really nice carseat/stroller combo and instead, taking a small stroller and frontpack carrier. We just didn't think that through well and you can't change your mind after you've taken the metro 15 minutes into town!
After learning of yesterday's Metro crash, we are just all the more thankful to have returned home from our trip safely. God blessed us with a good time together.

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