Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i love...

my husband.
And there's no better day to write about it than today. Our 3rd anniversary. I can hardly believe we've been married three years, but I guess it has flown by with all that we have done.
When we got married three years ago, we were still in school, we were living in a completely different town, going to a different church, living on a FARM, no dog, no idea what changes would come.

Now, 3 years later, we've graduated from school, have a great dog, moved to a different part of the state, we are in a different church, we both love our jobs, we bought a house, and had a beautiful baby boy. Hello...did not know all of that was coming so fast when I met the man of my dreams.

But, when you marry the man you KNOW God chose perfectly for you, all of these changes have been blessings as we have faced them together. Through every change, Justin has consistently led our family in a God-honoring way and I am so thankful for that. He amazes me every day in the kindness, forgiveness, grace, and love he shows me. He truly does point me to Christ's love in the way that he loves me and makes me want to be more like Christ because of the example he is.

We enjoyed a great breakfast together at Cracker Barrel this morning, thanks to a gift card we've been waiting to use!

In honor of my husband and our anniversary, I'm posting pictures of the hard work he's done in our yard these last weeks, creating a "natural area." I'm so proud of him and love him even more today than yesterday. Watching Elijah fall more in love with him each day is almost more than my heart can take! ...I'm so blessed!
(The area started out with no mulch!) is also my Dad's I want to celebrate him too...the man who set the example for what I knew I wanted in a husband. Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you so much!

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Linda said...

Congratulations on your Third Anniversay today!! We've known from day one that you two are a perfect match and as you well know your sister was first to recognize what a great couple you make and what a great brother-in-law she is blessed to have and we are thankful to God for our wonderful daughter, son-in-law, and beautiful grandson, David Elijah. As you mentioned so much has taken place in the past three years and God is to be praised for the many blessings he has poured out on your family. I loved the tribute you paid to Justin and your Dad, Erin, and I can only give it a SECOND! I've been truly blessed these 40+ years also. I love the natural area Justin created and look forward to seeing the gardenia and blackeyed susans in full bloom!1 Again, Congratulations you two lucky "Dogs"!! Didn't you love that cute card? No reflection on
sweet little Jazz!

June 3, 2009