Monday, July 27, 2009

a little experiment

I'm expecting a few packages (books) this week via UPS, so I actually thought ahead to make a little sign to put at the front door so that the doorbell doesn't interrupt Elijah. Here it is:

Plain as day, right?? ...and literally, our doorbell is RIGHT beside the sign. (You can probably already tell from my "tone" where this is going!) It wasn't 5 minutes after I put up the sign that the UPS guy drives up. (Ironically, though...Jazz is now barking at the foreign sign in the window and the humongous UPS truck outside)! So...I pick up Jazz to put a stop to the barking and watch the UPS guy walk up on the porch and (much to my dismay) ring the door bell without even stopping to glance at my sign!!! He puts down the box and then he walks away!

I open the door to retrieve my package and the UPS guy turns around and says, "Oh, I didn't expect anyone to be at home."

Well....then why are you ringing the doorbell?

Maybe the next delivery person will pass the test!

side note: If you didn't notice, I tried out Google Ads on my blog for awhile. This meant Google was supposed to post ads based on specific topics/words found in my posts. Good thing I removed it, because UPS would have received all the sponsors today!!

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