Tuesday, April 20, 2010

beach trip!

Over spring break here, we were blessed to go with our youth group to Fort Caswell.  This was Elijah's first trip to the beach and we had a wonderful time.  The youth and chaperones worked hard during the day as they beautified Fort Caswell. Meanwhile, Jenifer (our youth minister's wife), her daughter, Abby, and Elijah and I explored and enjoyed the area.  Abby and Elijah are on completely opposite schedules, so they didn't get to hang out a lot, but one day Elijah skipped his first nap so we could hang out at the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  Here's a photo recap of our trip:

Fun in the sand!
Loves boats!
With Daddy
Sleeping in his new car seat!
Elijah & Abby
Jenifer & Abby
Watching for boats
Eating lots of sand
Checking out the fish
Crawling in the sand


Terra Jones said...

LOVE the picture with your name in the sand!! A 'framer' for SURE!! :)

Erin said...

wow...you seriously read that the second I got it up! too funny! ;)

Terra Jones said...

LOL! I had JUST opened up my Reader and it was at the top! :)

Liz said...

Could Elijah be any cuter?! Hope to see all of you soon!