Saturday, March 14, 2009

lost and found

I realized about a week ago that I had possibly lost my keys, but I guess I haven't thought about them too much because I have hardly driven at all. When I did leave the house, I've been with Justin and haven't needed my keys. I was pretty sure the keys would show up eventually, so I just didn't worry. I gotta tell ya - God is just so gracious. Again - even in the little things, like keys.

I got a letter from Food Lion on Friday, which seemed kind of random. The letter said that another customer had found my FL MVP card and wanted to get in touch with me. I knew right away that the letter was talking about my keys, since I have my MVP card on my key ring. They did not give this customer my info, but included his info in the letter so that I could get in touch with him. I was amazed. First of all, that this person at FL took the time to write me a letter in order to find me. Also, that this customer had gone out of his way to make sure and get my keys to me.

Justin called the guy for me and he ended up living right around the corner from us. I guess I had left the keys on the car and drove away. (I was driving Justin's car, so I had his spare key and didn't "need" my keys in the car). How great that someone would take the time to find me! We tried to give them a gift card for a restaurant that we had around, but they refused to take it.

Just wanted to share this with you, to encourage you about the good deeds still left in people as well as encourage you to shop at Food Lion! Even though I don't have much of a choice in grocery stores here, I've always liked FL, and now I'm thankful for their concern for their customers. Again, God is so gracious and good! A reminder for me to continually (intentionally) turn over the little things to Him because He does care about them.


Shannon said...

I'm glad to hear that wonderful story. I hope that you and your "neighbor" are able to develop a friendship... maybe, if he doesn't already, he will come to Christ!

erin blakley said...

I know! I'm really excited to get out in the neighborhood with Elijah as it gets warmer and see how God can use us!