Friday, March 20, 2009

one month old?!?

I can hardly believe my baby boy is already a month old (as of yesterday)! This has been the most difficult and greatest month of my entire life, all wrapped up in one. There are so many precious things Elijah does every day that just can't seem to be captured on camera, but here are a few pictures from the last couple of days!

Asleep in his sling

Always in awe of Jazz

Happy baby!

Tummy time!

Kathryn came to visit!

And, that's all, folks...I'm out!


Linda said...

I loved seeing the latest pictures of our little Elijah. You're great at capturing those precious moments you're getting to experience with him. Just can't
wait to see and hold him tomorrow if Jeni doesn't win out. Think that's why she wanted to come tonight without me. I'll be sure and let her hold him all she wants.
After all I've seen him a few times since she has. Hug him for grandmommy (and grandpapa)! love you!

Jeni Sinclair said...

I'm so proud of him and he hasn't really done anything, lol! He's still beautiful and he's looking bigger. I'll cya tomorrow!
P.S. You may want to update your blog profile and add your son ;)

ronandwhit said...

That last picture is priceless!! I love it.